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Kanji/Kana ベロニカ
Rōmaji Beronika
Voiced by Sayaka Ohara (Japanese)
Aiko Ninomiya (Japanese; infant)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Blood Type
Family Miriam (Mother)
Alexander (Father)
Status Alive
Teigu Sheela (Destroyed)
Ketsueki (Current)
Shingu Kamikaze
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Image Gallery

Veronica, also known as Veronica of the Dragon Empress Sword, is the titular deuteragonist, alongside Anastasia , and lead anti-heroine of the manga series Kaze ga Beronika!, as well as a supporting character of the prequel manga Akame ga Kill! Zero. She also appears as a main supporting character in Hinowa ga Yuku!, mainly as Hinata's personal tutor of martial arts and Elder`s Class Assassination tutor. Originally sold to the Empire along with her sister Alexei to be trained as an assassin, Veronica along with Akame eventually defected to the rebels when they was sent to assassinate General Najenda, the leader of Night Raid and joined them to overthrow the corrupt monarchy.


Veronica is a young girl with long red hair that reaches down to her waist and red eyes. She sometimes dressed in a dark sleeveless tank top with a white collar and a red tie; she wears a red belt that has a red side skirt cover over a black, pleated skirt. She wears it with long black socks and black shoes. She also wears red gauntlets and black gloves. Usually, she was typically dressed in clothes exported from her homeland consisting of a white shirt, a dark-blue bow-tie, a dark-teal blazer with white details, and a pleated dark-teal skirt with black socks, and brown loafers as her choice of footwear. When in battle, replaces her brown loafers with black boots.


Veronica appears to be a very serious and coldhearted person which stems from her hellish training that the Empire forced her and her friends but it is eventually revealed that she is just socially awkward like Akame. She cares about her comrades very much and she is always worried that one of them may not make it out alive due to her experience that first war always has a high mortality rate. In contrast to Mine`s provoking attitude, Veronica is far more aloof and emotionless, not showing any emotion when facing her enemies in battle. After donning Ketsueki`s curse, she barely uttered a word and spoke in a monotone manner. Unlike Kurome and Akame, Veronica barely eats anything and usually drinks water (as noted by the other members of Night Raid).


Events of Akame ga Kill Zero![]

Along with her childhood friends, Akame and Kurome, Veronica was among a group of children sold to the Empire who were forced to participate in a survival exam in a forest full of danger beasts. After Veronica survived by working with Akame and Kurome, they were drafted into different assassination divisions (because of their superior`s reluctance to keep sisters in one group).