The Empire is a corrupted nation ran by The young Emperor, who is really corrupted by the Prime Minister Honest. It serves as the domanant nation of the world in Akame Ga Kill. They are the main antagonizing faction in the original series.


The Empire was created by the First Emperor.


The Empire's domance is controled by the Military which serves as the upper class of the Empire's faction, the Military has the right to execute any person they find an enemy and enslave their loved ones, (This happened under the rule of Prime Minister Honest) The Middle Class is the Aristocrats and Peasants who are equals and rich. The Third class is slaves enslaved by the Military and contestants of the games against the danger beasts.

Known Citizens of the EmpireEdit

image Name Rank Status
Honest main
Honest Prime Minster Alive
Emperor Makoto anime
Makoto Emperor Alive
Tumblr ncxciwC4Ky1txrzruo2 r1 500
General Esdeath General Alive
Bols Commander Alive
Run main
Run Corporal Alive
Akame by bestbt-d8zw5xb (1)
Akame Slave Soldier  Defected after Freedom
Kurome main
Kurome Slave Soldier Defected after Freedom
Wave main
Wave Private Alive
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