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I am known as "The Grim Reaper".


Kanji/Kana タナトス
Rōmaji Tanatosu
Voiced by
Alias Thanatos
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'0" (182.8 cm)
Weight 177 lbs (80.2 kg)
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Blood Type Unknown
Family Reapers
Status Alive
Faction Reapers(Formerly)
Abilities Demonic Sickle; Demise


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Azrael , also known as the given nickname "Angel of Death", Is one of the strongest wielders of a Teigu (aka Imperial Arm) with his being Demonic Sickle: Demise. He is an exiled Shinigami, now Anti-Hero and a mercenary for hire. He currently resides in The Empire, hidden in society and is constantly pursued by the Jeagers, Elite Seven and Night Raid. With the Jeaders and Elite are try to execute him, the Night Raid is trying to make him join.


Thanatos' Full-Body Appearance

Azrael appears to be a tall and muscular man, with violet eyes and black, spiky hair with a bang covering his right eye, which gives off a mysterious, purple glow. His right hands always seems to in his pocket all the time.

His attire consists of an open, purple, high-collar duster with grey lining and gold accents on the lapels and sleeves and knee-length coattails with nothing underneath, exposing most of his bare chest. The duster is also held in place by a black belt with a golden chain acting as a buckle. On top of the duster, Thanatos wears a similarly colored high-rise collar, which is fastened to the duster with purple straps on the shoulders. Azrael usually hides his right hand in one of the pockets. He also wears unfastened grey trousers and brown, calf-length boots with dark brown soles and gold-colored zippers travelling up the sides.


Azrael has a very laid-back and carefree demeanor, rarely letting anything bother him and occasionally cracking jokes at others' expense, though even he has his limits when it comes to patience with unreasonable people. He is also stoic and quiet for the most part, Azrael is a person who could be construed as somewhat blunt but also extremely loyal whether it be to comrades or job offers. He also tends to get incredibly offended if he's betrayed by those without honor. Spiritual and passionate despite his Stoic appearance.

Azrael has a definitive moral compass and generally has a kind and caring outlook. He takes a great interest in the well-being of not only his family, but also his Friends. He is willing to go through great lengths to assist in their development, in order for them to reach their full potential, Azrael is very protective of his fellow comrades and friends.

Equipment and Abilties[]

In terms of fighting style, Azrael is very reckless and most commonly fights using a mixture of unfocused punches and kicks. Azrael wields Demonic Sickle: Demise to bring his opponents into the range of his hand. He only brings out his right hand whenever he decides to fight seriously.

When Azrael fight with serious intent, his fighting style changes to more of Advanced fighting style similar to Krav Maga, Although he never uses this fighting style because of his Unique scythe fighting style known as Katate Kama, due to the way how Demonic Sickle; Demise is in terms of combat effectiveness, Azrael is a Close-mid range fighter, With his incredible superhuman capabilities and abilities, he cannot be underestimated. Bulat's strength and endurance were immense, enough to withstand consistent powerful attacks from Teigu weilders. He possesses immense skills in using a Scythe, capable of wielding Demonic Sickle; Demiseto its utmost potential, He can wield a scythe with tremendous dexterity and skill, accurately and precisely slicing through the enemies without being hindered by the scythe's heavy weight. He is a very technical fighter and all of her strikes are done quickly with an incredible amount of smoothness going from one strike to another; His style of fighting, He wields Demonic Sickle; Demiseto bring his opponents in there Demise.