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Sifr Orb of Boundless Bleem is one of Tatsumi's primary weapon that he stole along with the other treasures from the core of Tabby's Star. It is a user-linked sentient glowing divine magical orb that is capable of creating and manipulating dragon-fire.


The Sifr Orb is a small crystal teal orb, perfectly fitting on Tatsumi's palm, with cosmic-colors of white, blue, orange, and red are always visibly slowly moving inside like liquid. Inside of the orb's core, completely invisible to anyone's eyes if not looked enough and hidden by the cosmic-liquids, is an image of a resting coiling small luminescent neon-like blue and red unique eastern winged-dragon with its large wings tucked and covering its body which is circled by its long prehensile tail with small crystal spikes to the back of the body's spine. The dragon also has small solar crystal sharp claws and talons, and if it were to open its eyes again, it would have glowing mixed blue-red slit-iris, hidden and accompanied by solar white-red flames coming out of its eyes.


In the past, shortly after created, the orb used to be fickle, disloyal, and incredibly stubborn. After experiencing the extinction of the civilization of its planet which would turn into a star, the orb as the dragon's consciousness, became caring, supportive, and protective of and alongside the other surviving sentient objects in the core of Tabby's Star. The other sentient objects were surprised when it chose Tatsumi as its master, some suggesting it hasn't chosen a master at all. This achievement was beyond major feat and the reason of why it chose him is because of Tatsumi saving the personalities-induced objects and giving them freedom. The orb now lived with the purpose of being very loyal, trustworthy, reliable, and dependable to Tatsumi.


When not in use, the orb generally float beside Tatsumi steadily, sometimes around his palm. The orb is always on standby once conjured, which Tatsumi always manifests from the infinite pocket-space in his mental mind. Also, the orb under his control would disappear and reappear alongside his body, and if it were to be destroyed into pieces, Tatsumi would either repair it, or the orb will restore itself.

This orb encompass the power of all natures of dragon-fire, and as such it surpass other fires like fox-fire, spiritual fire, and etc. By combining the various dragon-fire natures inside the orb, it is possible to produce a variety of effects. It is capable of instantly turning anything it touch to ashes instantly, though this does not always occur. If imbued with with stellar sage energy, the orb can nullify nearly any energy it touch and thus become impervious to it.

  • Sentient Divine Magic Object Physiology: The Sifr Orb is an object of sentience, having a desire to protect its user above their allies. Its power can augment Tatsumi's draconian force on a god-like scale, allowing him to manipulate his dragon-related powers to the brim. Additionally, the orb protects its wielder from other dragon-based and divine and magic attacks.
    • Flight/Levitation: The main ability of the orb is to fly, float, and levitate around its own user, whether being controlled by them or by its own accord.
    • Self-Restoration:
    • Divine Magic:
      • Divine Presence:
      • Scrying: The orb have the ability to allows its user to have long-distance live communication between them and the selected available person. The screen of the live call will appear in the mirror reflection of the crystal Sifr Orb, and to the other person's case, a mirror screen in mid air front of them.
      • Light Generation:
      • Force-Field Generation: The orb is capable of creating an indestructible shield that cloaks the user and anything around them, which also penetrates the ground underneath the user, and encloses everything inside the shield, making nothing can enter or exit the confines of the force field unless the orb or the user allows to.
      • Divine Empowerment:
    • Companion Power Link:
      • Mind Link:
      • Mental Augmentation:
      • Power Augmentation:
      • Dragon-Fire Manipulation:
        • Dragon-Fire Generation:
        • Dragon-Fire Teleportation:
        • Dragon-Fire Absorption:
        • Inextinguishable Fire Creation:
        • Heat Generation: