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Shotforce of the Great Target is one of Tatsumi's primary weapon that he stole along with the other treasures from the core of Tabby's Star. It is a user-linked sentient large divine magical gun that uses the user's willpower as ammunition and having multiple capabilities.


A rifle which is relatively dark in color, but ornately decorated by intricate, spiraling motifs over its stock and central part. It seems to be a weapon, with a appearing in the anime bearing resemblance to it,


Sentient Divine Magic Object Physiology: Shotforce is an object of sentience, having a desire to protect its user above their allies. Its power can augment Tatsumi's marksmanship on a god-like scale, allowing him to combat archery and gun deities. Additionally, the gun protects its wielder from other ammunition-based and divine and magic attacks.

  • Self-Restoration:
  • Divine Magic:
    • Divine Presence:
    • Light Generation:
    • Divine Empowerment:
  • Companion Power Link:
    • Mind Link:
    • Mental Augmentation:
    • Enhanced Gunmanship:
    • Willpower Empowerment:
      • Magical Bullet Generation:
        • Infinite Supply:
        • Projectile Augmentation:
        • Homing Effect:
      • Magical Energy Blasts:
      • Magical Energy Projection: