Kanji/Kana 史郎雪
Rōmaji Shiroyuki
Full name Shiroyuki of the Bloodthirsty Akatsuki
Status Alive
Faction Revolutionary Army (formerly)
Goddess' Tree of Sorrow (formerly)
Trump Card
Family Yu (older brother)
Riza (older sister)

Shiroyuki (史郎雪 , literally meaning „white snow“) is a young restless traveler and the actual holder of the sword-shingu First Sin: Ketsuekiame. Accompanied by her older brother Yu, she is travelling around the empire. She has a second personality named Akatsuki who demonstrates a more bloodthirsty character.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shiroyuki has very pale skin, long snow white-colored hair and red eyes, all caused by her albinism. She is normally a loud and typically merry person, sociable in almost every situation. She's often appears clumsy, but can also act skillfully at times.

Her Akatsuki persona is comparatively more composed, skillful, and agile.

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