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I mustn't run away!
~ Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari

碇 シンジ


kari Shinji

Voiced by

Megumi Ogata (Japanese)

Spike Spencer (English)

See Aliases

Age 14, Notion not applicable (Technically)
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Variable
Hair Color Variable
Blood Type Unknown

Sinnu Sarrum/Asumu/Seto Kamiki Jurai/Ikari/Euphemia Potter/Cloudia Phantomhive/Yelisaveta/Elizabeth/Elizaveta/Catherine/Alexandra Feodorovna/Vi Arcadia/Ōtsutsuki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Veronica Ashford, 1st Countess Ashford/(Grandmother/Wife)

Mito Uzumaki/Ikari/Vi Arcadia/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Grandmother/Wife)

Featherine Augustus Aurora/Ikari/Vi Arcadia/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Grandmother/Wife)

Yui Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia(Mother/Aunt/Wife)

Lily J. Potter/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Mother/Aunt/Wife)

Kushina Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Mother/Aunt/Wife)

Quintessa (Mother/Aunt/Wife)

Achika Masaki/Ikari/Uzumaki//Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Mother/Aunt/Wife)

Kiyone Masaki/Ikari/Uzumaki//Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Mother/Aunt/Wife)

Empress Hinase/Himiko/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Artoria/Clair/Clara/Susan/Maria/Cynthia Vi Arcadia/Rachel Phantomhive/Beatrice/Lady of the Lake/Guinevere (Mother/Aunt/Wife)

Lux Arcadia/Luno Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Airi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Lain Iwakura/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Rei Ayanami/Lilith/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Naruko Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Harry Potter/Halyan Potter/Hailey Potter/Peverell/Uzumaki/Ikari/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Tennyo Masaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Tenchi Masaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Yukika Shindou /Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Valeria Richards/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Sister/Wife)

Female Protagonist (Persona 4) (Sister/Wife)

Listelka Rei Arshalia (Aunt/Wife)

Aeril Vi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Arshalia Rei Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Hayes Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Sophie Smith/Midford/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife/Mother-in-law)

Francis Midford/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife/Mother-in-law)

Elizabeth Midford (Cousin/Wife)

Minaho Masaki/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Angelina Dalles/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Alovenus/Arovinas/Alovenas Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Ruphas Mafahl/Ruphas Mafahl Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Marie/Marguerite Breuil /Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Palutena (Aunt/Wife)

Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight (Aunt/Wife)

Filianore (Aunt/Wife)

Washu Hakubi/Washu-kami-sama/Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Tsunami/Tsunami-kami-sama/Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Tokimi/Tokimi-kami-sama/Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Rindou Koga/Rindou Koga/Rindou Suzuka Koga/Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Reiko Mikami/Uzumaki/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Airi Masaki/Airi Magma Masaki/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt)

Aoi Himeka/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt)

Rea Masaki/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt)

Noike Kamiki Jurai/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Cousin/Wife)

Mayumi Yamagishi/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Masaki/Kamiki Jurai/Amame Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Yumiko Shirasagi/Ikari/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Cousin/Wife)

Mutsuki/Aoi Mutsuki/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Masaki/Kamiki Jurai/Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Mithra/Shinga (Aunt/Wife)

Queen Serenity (Aunt/Wife)

Princess Zelda (Aunt/Wife)

Alarielle (Aunt/Wife)

Morathi (Aunt/Wife)

Queen Beryl (Aunt/Wife)

Ikuko Tsukino (Aunt/Wife)

Alexia Ashford/Vi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova/Vi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Irene Diaz/Midford/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia (Aunt/Wife)

Virgilia/Publius Virgilia Maro/Vi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Rose Evans Potter/Mari Makinami Illustrious/Vi Arcadia/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Ikari/Uzumaki (Aunt/Wife)

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (Aunt/)

2V (Aunt/)

Kazuko Ikari/Ōtsutsuki/Vi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/)

Saegusa Mayumi/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Masaki/Kamiki Jurai/Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Saegusa Izumi/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Masaki/Kamiki Jurai/Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife) (Cousin/Wife)

Saegusa Kasumi/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Masaki/Kamiki Jurai/Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Kuroba Ayako/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Masaki/Kamiki Jurai/Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Kuroba Fumiya/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans/Vi Arcadia/Masaki/Kamiki Jurai/Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Tsunade Senju/Vi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Witch of Izalith (Aunt/Wife)

Elaine Belloc/Vi Arcadia/Ikari/Uzumaki/Peverell/Potter/Evans (Aunt/Wife)

Amame Masaki Jurai (Aunt)

Funaho Masaki Jurai (Aunt/Wife/Mother-in-law)

Misaki Masaki Jurai (Aunt/Wife/Mother-in-law)

Sindel (Aunt/Wife/Mother-in-law)

Ayeka Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Sasami Masaki Jurai (Cousin/Wife)

Akie Masaki/Akie Masaki Jurai/Tsukuba Yuuka (Cousin/Wife)

Kitana (Cousin/Wife)

Mizune Masaki (Cousin/Wife)

Yotsuba Maya (Aunt/Wife/Mother-in-law)

Shiba Miya (Aunt/Wife/Mother-in-law)

Shiba Miyuki (Cousin/Wife)

Shiba Tatsuya/Shiba Yuuki/Shiba Yuriko (Cousin/Wife)

Mishis V Xfer (Wife)

Fire Keeper (Wife)

Misato Katsuragi (Guardian/Adoptive Mother)

Kinzo Rokobungi (Adoptive Grandfather)

Abbie Rokobungi (Adoptive Grandmother)

Gendo Rokobungi (Adoptive Father)

Dahlia Rokobungi (Adoptive Mother)

Mitsuhiko Rokobungi (Adoptive Uncle)

Emiko Minagawa (Adoptive Aunt)

Kuroh Rokobungi (Adoptive Cousin)

Alexander Isaacs (Teacher/Guardian)

Henry Leland (Teacher/Guardian)

Masami Eiri (Teacher/Guardian)

Hikawa (Teacher/Guardian)

Kadoc Zemlupus (Teacher/Guardian)

Yasuo Iwakura (Guardian/Adoptive Father)

Miho Iwakura (Guardian/Adoptive Mother)

Mika Iwakura (adoptive sister)

Yonera Touko (Teacher/Guardian)

Status Immortal

See Affiliation

Night Raid

Beyonder Armor/Uniend 911.05 Alpha/Beyonder

All Teigu
Beyonders Powers/Unlimited Being
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Image Gallery
I cross the void beyond the mind
The empty space that circles time.
I see where others stumble blind
To seek a truth they never find.
Eternal wisdom is my guide.

I am the Doctor.

Through cosmic waste the TARDIS flies
To taste the secret source of life.
A presence science can't deny
Exists within, outside, behind
The latitude of the human minds.

I am the Doctor.

My voyage dissects the course of time
"Who knows?" you say
But are you right?
Who searches deep to find the light
That glows so darkly in the night
Toward that point I guide my flight.

As fingers move to end mankind
Metallic teeth begin their grind.
With sword of truth I turn to fight
The satanic powers of the night.
Is your faith before your mind?

Know me. Am I, the Doctor?

—"Who is the Doctor" by Jon Pertwee

Shinji Ikari, also known as The Doctor, is one of the main protagonists of Secret Wars (Evangelion Secret Wars), an Evangelion fan fiction. He is a high school student and the pilot of a robot known as Evangelion that is tasked with protecting the world from aliens known as Angels.

Shinji is Franklin Richards

At first glance, it may seem like Shinji is a normal human, but in reality he belongs to an enigmatic and all-powerful alien race and everlasting rulers of the world known as The Beyonders.(They are also known as Ivory Kings, Sinnu Sarrum, White Lords from Wild Space, The Lords of the White Light, Dreamers, Jurai/Juraians, Asarians, Eldar, Aeldari, Aelves, Quendi, Kami/Amatsu-Kami(in Japan), Xian(In China), Omni-Lords, Omni-Kings, Dievas, Ōtsutsuki Clan(in Naruto world), Gallifreyans(Beyonders), Edenians(Mortal Kombat), Hylians, Hyleans, Choushin, Chousin, Super Celestials, Celestialsapiens(Ben 10), Hadō Gods, Hadou Gods, Gudou Gods, Madou Gods, Rosei, The Amaranths, Arcadians, Employers(In Half-Life), The Doctors, Alternity, Infinites, Anisotorons, Asari(Beyonders), Great Ones(In Yharnam), Deouxformazanziscar, Kryptonian Gods(in Krypton), Valyrians, Valyrian Gods, Valyrian Dragon Gods, The Gods of Old Valyria, Dragons(Dark Souls), Everlasting Dragons, Ancient Dragons, Archdragons (In Dark Souls world), Old Gods(In Dragon Age world), Dragon Emperors, Encrypted Gods (In Minecraft), Administrators(Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2), Celestials,(Star Wars), Architects(Star Wars), Q Continuum(Star Trek), Transformers, and Cybertronians). He travels world in his TARDIS and alsto protects the world throughout time and space (along side others of his kind) averting any crisis he comes across using science, technology, magic and wit etc

Shinji and his race come from planet Cybertron (also known as planet Jurai, Edenia, Hyrule, Arcadia, Asario, Aniso, Elysium, Thessia(Beyonders), Eternia, Albion, Gallifrey(Beyonders), and Planet Valyria) she is located in a place known as Beyond-Realm(this a place hidden to everyone except beyonders themselves and only they can exist there and have access to this place)

There is no reliable information on how the Beyonders came to be, they just were and are. Eternal, immortal, unchanging and unyielding/adamant, They are absolute perfection, they are greatest mystery of the world and there is no and never will be beings and power greater than they

No one has ever seen them! No one ever shall! But they see all of us

Also Shinji is also member of the secret team known as Illuminati(They are also known as Council of Kings,Knights of the Round Table, Knights of Iacon, Knights of the Round, Guardian Knights, Dark Knights, Samurai(Shin Megami Tensei IV) they are secret team of protectors of the world


History[edit | edit source]

See History

Personality[edit | edit source]

(None of the below is real... Only an Illusion)


Appearance[edit | edit source]

You can always look at three things, how the fire burns, how the water flows and Franklin Richards.!


Shinji's has/Can Have same appearance/s as Franklin Richards.

Shinji's has/Can Have same appearance/s as Beyonder.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

See Relationships TBA


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shinji is part of you, and you are part of Shinji, never forget that, anonymous.
  • Shinji is the Supreme Administrator of the universe
  • Shinji can reload this world. But it’s easier for him to format it.
  • Shinji doesn't kill - Shinji bans their IP forever until the end of time.
  • Adminisrarots are people who have been given VIP by Shinji.
  • The amount of knowledge Shinji has makes Wikipedia, the sum of his dreams - Google
  • Shinji is able to restore the source of any program from its screenshot.
  • The whole world fits on the hard drive of Shinji's new computer. Plus ten backups.
  • Every average and ordinary boy in a school uniform who appears in the background of your favorite anime is Shinji.
  • Chuck Norris calls Shinji when his computer freezes.
  • All Beings in all Fiction and Reality Including No matter How Strong/smart/etc/with no exception(Including Beings who Have Unlimited Power/etc), Unlimited/Infinite strong and capable of destroying everything, anywhere, anytime, fear Shinji and refer to him as The Oncoming Storm.
  • The idea of Shinji being a child born from incest was inspired by the Targaryens from Game of Thrones
  • Shinji can be considered the Evangelion version of The Doctor from Doctor Who. (A science fiction TV Series from BBC)
    • Also Shinji and The Doctor surprisingly share many similarities.
  • Also Also Shinji can be considered anime version of Franklin Richards (From Marvel Comics).
    • Also Shinji and his sister Lain can be considered anime versions of Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards (From Marvel Comics).
  • Shinji's Favorite Book is Covenant of Primus.
  • Shinji has same age as Franklin Richards.


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