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Sayo Ubiquitous, also known as Sayo of the Angelic Sword was a member of the Jaegers, formerly of the Imperial Police. She was a young girl with a naive sense of reality who openly cared for the members in her team, most specifically Seryu Ubiquitous, her wife and the parent to their four adopted children. She is the owner of the Teigu, "Reverse Dance" having since disappeared, presumed to be kidnapped.


Sayo was a young woman with black hair and black eyes, that was the older twin sister to Sayo, one of Tatsumi`s friends that he journeyed to the capital with. Due to the fact that they look practically identical due to being twin sisters, Tatsumi easily mistook her for his Sayo. During her first appearance, she wore her hair in a long ponytail that almost reached the ground, but it was shortened to waist-length after becoming a Jaeger. She was typically seen in cream-colored tribal robes in favor of military uniforms, and occasionally used her own set of upper-body armor to protect herself. Her sword is usually seen sheathed at her side, with Askarian runes written down the length of it. After activating her sword`s trump card, she has faded golden and white scars all-over her body. Pinned to the upper-section of her hair is either a white butterfly or flower hair accessory depending on the situation, even a jeweled pin is pinned in her hair. When in battle and speaking about war, her eyes turn red with her personality making her seem very alike to Akame.


Sayo was described by Seryu to be a kind and compassionate person, being the "light" of her life and the person she loves the most.