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== Personality ==
== Personality ==

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This page belongs to the user: Cherrial Arctic
Sakura Seika
Kanji/Kana さくら精華
Rōmaji Sakura Seika
Voiced by ???
Alias Goddess of Victory
Age 19
Gender Female
Height Around 162cm.
Weight ???
Eye Color Crimson Red
Hair Color Black
Blood Type AB
Family Numa Seika (elder brother)
Status Alive
Faction Northern Tribes (formerly)

Crystal Kingdom (currently)

Teigu ???
Shingu ???
Abilities ???
User ???
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 7
Anime Episode 5
Image Gallery

Sakura Seika (さくら精華, Sakura Seika) was the Princess of the Northern Tribe and later founded the Crystal Kingdom, becoming it`s first ruler.



Sakura has the appearance of a 13-year-old young girl, despite being 19, shown when several of her future teammates took her to be a 13-year old girl harassing them. She has long flowing black hair with a black ribbon as a hair ornament. She is usually seen wearing a black dress with red frills, black stockings supported with garters and a red boots. She wields a huge purplish axe as her main weapon. In the anime, her lip color changes from pink to purple when she's about to get dangerous. She has black hair and crimson, red eyes. She also wore a metal headpiece with a symbol of her tribe which matched the ones on her chest plate and shoulder guards.