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Rōmaji Ryō
Voiced by Mariya Ise (Japanese)

Cristina Vee (English)

Age 13
Gender Male
Height 149 cm
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pink
Blood Type O
Family Mine (Sister)

Tatsumi (Brother-in-law) Unnamed nephew

Status Alive
Faction Night Raid (Retired)
Teigu Commander
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
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Ryo, also known by his nickname Robin Hood, is the youngest member of the assasin organization Night Raid.


Ryo is a tall, sleek boy with dark pink hair with a small ponytail behind his back, green eyes and a scar on his left eye that he suffered in his childhood trauma, and an earring in his right ear. He wears a black vest with hood over his light shirt and scarf to put in the mouth in case of being unrecognizable, black fingerless gloves, green pants and torn blue loafers.


Ryo turns out to be a kind-hearted and playful person. His closest friends are Tatsumi, Akame and Leone. He gets along well with his sister, sometimes they are always in fights, but they love each other, and Mine always protects him, which irritates him sometimes. They also argued for a senseless white stone that had been stolen by her just to provoke him. He's more mature than his sister.

Although he has a cold and calm side on his enemies where he kills them, showing no mercy, to punish them. His sentence before using his teigu is "Eyes on Target" and after is "Target down".

He is very proud person, with his nickname. Occasionally, he tease someone, just to have fun with his friends, but especially at Mine.

He's a determinated boy with many goals. He's an inspiration to his friends, being the youngest and most talented member.


Ryo grew up on the street, he was an outsider and was sometimes abused due to his foreign half blood. He was not alone, he was protected by his older sister, Mine who sometimes ends up being beaten. They later joined the Revolutionary Army to end the corruption of the empire and stop watching children being discriminated against as the siblings were.

He's not skilled with guns and swords so he receives a arrow and bows. That's where he gets his personal nickname: Robin Hood, for having an incredible vision of hitting a target in the blink of an eye, without fail from afar. His sister first named him a book of a protagonist with the same name and talent, and everyone who belonged to Night Raid began to call him by his nickname, not his real name, just for fun, but they call him. -in only in combat.

Equipment And Skills[]

Ryo wields his special teigu BlackHawk: Commander. A small, large arrow forms that shoots at its target without fail, near and far away. When he runs out of arrows, he uses a device for his evolution. It fires arrows with different elements, for example lightning. Although not very skilled in swords and shotguns, thanks to his special attack is able to transform a powerful arrow that fires like a fire rifle.

When does not have his bow and arrows, he has good hand fighting qualities.


  • Ryo is four or five years younger than Mine.
  • Ryo's favourite food is burger with chips.