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We are personification of death, and feared by all. Warriors of Demonic Sickles and master of death, as we reap the souls of the dead, We are Reapers.


Reapers (死神, Shinigami) Which are frequently imagined as a personified force of death For thousands of years, various cultures have had figures to represent Reapers. One of the most common and enduring of these is the Reapers—usually a skeletal figure, as they are often shrouded in a dark, hooded robe and carrying a scythe to “reap” human souls. Reapers are a clan of supernatural species that never affair in humanity, Only comes to take the soul of those of the dead to the after life.


Little is known about the appearance of Reapers as they are always dressed in dark robes decorated with ornaments which vary depending on the individual, though from rumors, they said to appear to have skeletal bodies. Their real Appearance varies.

It should be noted that Grim Reapers' ranks depend on the darkness of their robes they wear. Grim Reapers with darker robes indicates to their higher ranks. This was also proved to not be mandatory but was recommended.


The strength of Reapers varies depending on their class, with Low-Class Reapers, being called 'Reapers' are weaker then a Jaeger. Reapers can use teleportation by dispersing their bodies, that leaves behind a black afterimage and duplicating themselves to attack and confuse their opponents.

Grim Reapers also wield a Demonic Sickle, which will shorten the lifespan of anyone slashed by it with a special type of curse. Reaper are also the creators of the ability Duplication, which allows the user to create duplicates of themselves and others thought via speed and magic.


Duplication Magic allows the user to create duplicates (clones) of themselves and others to confuse enemies and attack in numbers in order to overwhelm the enemy through sheer numerical advantage.

Example of Duplication

Species such as Grim Reapers have a natural ability to generate duplicates by creating afterimages with their speed, which can be used to attack enemies. it was also noted by Thanatos, other race. even humans can learn this ability.


Each Grim Reaper uses a Demonic Sickle as their primary weapon, showing great skill and proficiency in wielding it. There are also reapers that use other forms of weapons such as swords and spears,


Reapers Demonic Sickle are noted to be large and decorated with various accessories linked to death such as skulls and monster hands placed on them. It was said by Thanatos that the higher rank Reapers are, Reapers scythes gets darker in color.


Reapers scythes are noted to cut and damage the lifespan of those that it slashes through the power of darkness, once a reaper gets there Demonic Sickle, they are able to manipulate darkness. If a opponent takes too many slashes from the scythe their lifespan will be reduced to nothing and they will die, thus allowing the Reaper to harvest their soul. Thanatos Has to be able to harvest the souls of most beings in a single slash due to his immense power. However, it is noted that the Grim Reaper scythes cannot harvest the souls of those who have received divine protection, which protects their soul. Even Thanatos can’t bypass this. The curse can be turned off and on on by the Reaper's wishes, A Reaper can summon and un-summon their Demonic Sickle through magic.



Reapers are new members in the ranks, that started taking soul of the dead, There a weaker then a Jeager and possess no unique abilities. members of this rank go after the soul that are the lowest in social status.

Grim Reaper:[]

Grim Reaper, Given the "Grim" as the extension name to this Rank, they are able to rival, possibly even stronger then a Jaeger, Grim Reapers possess some unique abilities. Reapers must collect a thousand souls to become a Grim Reaper.


Shinigami is the highest rank in the Clan, and said to 20 times stronger then a jaeger, and being multiple times stronger then Esdeath. Shinigamis possess many unique abilities. Grim Reapers must collect a hundred thousand souls to become a Shinigami.

Known Reapers[]

Exile Reapers[]

  • Thanatos(Shinigami)


  • It was stated by thanatos, that every Reaper born, must have a name meaning death or related to it. this also goes for the name of the Demonic Sickle(Demon Sickle;[Insert Name])
  • There is no need of permission to make a Reaper OC