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Nari「ナリ」is a young mercenary and a member of the Midnight Sons. He is one of the protagonists of the fan-made series, "Akame ga Kill! Blood Ties". Once a human, he was bitten by a lycanthrope at a young age and was thus changed into one.

He has no Teigu to take note of, as he is a lycanthrope, and therefore unable to wield a Teigu, but his main weaponry are his physical abilities from his transformations, specializing in hand-to-hand combat.

Appearance Edit

In human form, Nari is a teenage male of average height, standing about 170cm tall, or 5'06", with a thin but lean build. He has a tanned, caucasian skin color, with no marks or scars (mostly because any wound he receives that isn't from silver heals almost instantly). He has medium-length, soft night-black hair tousled in a 'I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-I-look-this-good' sort of way, all above a face with smooth, clear skin, thin eyebrows, and bright, energetic-looking eyes described with the gold color of a hearth. Even in human form, he has pronounced canines, almost fangs, which show in full view when he grins mischievously.

Regardless of form, his eyes are retroreflective, and light will reflect back, inadvertently making his eyes appear glowing when they are at a certain angle in darkness or darker positions.

Incomplete Wolf Edit

In this form, Nari looks much like he would as a human, although there will be more noticeable changes. Coarse hair covers his shoulders and forearms, and his fingernails become curved black claws. His ears are more pointed, and his canines become full fangs.

Complete Wolf Edit

By comparison, his complete transformation towers over his last two, and hair fully covers his body. He has a wolf-like head complete with a snout and large teeth, ears on top of his head, although there is an eerie semblance of his human face on his bestial features.

Personality Edit

Nari, for a disciplined mercenary, is a playful young man, enjoying many manners of mischief, and takes amusement from passively taunting or otherwise tricking others. He demonstrates a devil-may-care nature, even in battle, and he smiles often. He is often in the morally grey zone; when it comes to law or even death, he often shows a blithe disregard, especially when it comes to his job as a mercenary-- he knows that sometimes he is tasked with less-than good contracts, and he doesn't care much as long as he gets paid enough, although he is ready to lend a helping hand to those in need (when he feels like it, mostly if he deems the situation worth it). Because of his usual uncare of law and the common "good," he often comes into conflict with knights and officers of the Capital. He dislikes assassins even moreso, claiming that they are in the way of his contracts. He has no general fears for his well-being, and has very reckless fighting style that often leaves him open to counter-attacks, though this is because he knows he is pseudo-immortal.

As happy as he appears, this is a cover over a soul that has been through much suffering through loss, discrimination, and guilt, which manifested as a sort of self-loathing. Described as "the human side" of him, he has depression, but rather than dwell on it, he wants to focus on the funny sides of life, mostly because he knows other people suffer too, and he doesn't want to be so self-centered as to focus on his own inner conflicts; he has also learned to be his own emotional support pillar since not many others had been there for him in the past, and he pushes away those who try to reach out to him with a smile because he doesn't know how to accept it. Only to those he is very close to and completely trusts, does he confess how he really feels, and when he does that, he really wants help, and his smile goes away.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

Nari was born as an illegitimate human child in a poor village called Ivakya, outside of the Capital. His mother was a teen bandit, and his father left due to his drug addiction, so Nari was in the care of his mother only. The two had no home, and they barely managed to survive, his mother holding up the weight of taking care of an infant as well as herself. As he grew up, Nari learned to literally lie, cheat, and steal while his mother was off elsewhere in the village doing the same thing. Of course, Nari was often caught and beaten by those he lied and stole from, and sometimes he came back to his mother empty-handed.

This cycle ended when he was ten; when Danger Beasts attacked his village and his mother made him flee. Left alone in the surrounding forests, he was injured, scared and cold. Wandering the woods searching for his mother, he spots what appears to be a cabin and so, he goes in. No one was there, so he starts looting the place until he was attacked and mauled by a large creature, and he blacks out.

Nari wakes in a tent, his wounds tended to and bandaged. He is met with a boy slightly older than he is, named Maleki. Nari at first panicked, being in an environment he did not recognize with no recollection of how he got there, but Maleki manages to calm him down and introduce himself. He guides Nari out of the tent and shows him the rest of the village. As pleasant as it is, and as nice as the people seem, Nari tells Maleki that he needs to find his mother and make sure she's safe, explaining the situation of Danger Beasts attacking their village. Maleki reluctantly agrees, but only if Nari allowed his body to recover, and afterward allowing him to accompany Nari, since the woods were unsafe.

Nari spent about a week in Maleki's village healing, and during that time Maleki has been taking care of his new friend, all the while sharing his passion for the arts; he taught Nari how to write, and the two often exchanged stories. Maleki was a poet himself, and Nari loved to hear his poetry. Their relationship peaked when they made a blood-pact, becoming blood-brothers.

Eventually the time came when Nari and Maleki went out to search for Nari's mother, assuming that if she was still alive, she probably would have found another village.


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