Nari「ナリ」is a young mercenary and a member of the Midnight Sons. He is one of the protagonists of the fan-made series, "Akame ga Kill! Mitternacht". Once a human, he was bitten by a lycanthrope at a young age and was thus changed into one.

He has no Teigu to take note of, since he is a lycanthrope, and therefore unable to wield a Teigu; his main weaponry currently are his physical abilities from his transformations, specializing in hand-to-hand combat.

Appearance Edit

In human form, Nari is a teenage male of average height, standing about 170cm tall, or 5'06", with a lightly-built but lean body; a four-set of abs can be seen from his crop-top jacket, for example. He has a tanned, caucasian skin color, with no marks or scars (mostly because any wound he receives that isn't from silver heals almost instantly). He has medium-length, soft night-black hair tousled in a 'I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-I-look-this-good' sort of way, all above a youthful face with smooth, clear skin, thin eyebrows, and bright, energetic-looking eyes described with the gold color of a hearth. Even in human form, he has pronounced canines, almost fangs, which show in full view when he grins mischievously.

Regardless of form, his eyes are retroreflective, and light will reflect back, inadvertently making his eyes appear glowing when they are at a certain angle in darkness or darker positions.

Incomplete Wolf Edit

In this form, Nari looks much like he would as a human, although there will be more noticeable changes. Coarse hair covers his shoulders and forearms, and his fingernails become curved black claws. His ears are more pointed, and his canines become full fangs. The sclera of his eyes turn black, and his iris' enter a more orangish color.

Complete Wolf Edit

By comparison, his complete transformation towers over his last two, and hair fully covers his body. He has a wolf-like head complete with a snout and large teeth, ears on top of his head, although there is an eerie semblance of his human face on his bestial features.

Usual Attire Edit

His main outfit consists of a red, long sleeve leather jacket with fur around the collar and elbows. The biceps of the sleeves have two holes each that show the a bit of skin of his arms, and the jacket itself stops around the midriff. He has a black band around his neck, and thin ropes are tied around the shins of his grey pants which are tucked into his dark red boots. Buckles are around the ankles of his footwear.

Personality Edit

Nari, for a disciplined mercenary, is a playful young man, enjoying many manners of mischief, and takes amusement from passively taunting or otherwise tricking others. He demonstrates a devil-may-care nature, even in battle, and he smiles often. He is in the morally grey zone; when it comes to law or even death, he often shows a blithe disregard, especially when it comes to his job as a mercenary-- he knows that sometimes he is tasked with less-than good contracts, and he doesn't care much as long as he gets paid enough, although he is ready to lend a helping hand to those in need (when he feels like it, mostly if he deems the situation worth it). Because of his usual uncare of law and the common "good," he comes into conflict with knights and officers of the Capital. He dislikes assassins even moreso, claiming that they are in the way of his contracts. He has no general fears for his well-being, and has very reckless fighting style that often leaves him open to counter-attacks, though this is because he knows he is pseudo-immortal, and because he is "part-masochist", due to the pain reminding him that he is indeed alive.

As happy as he appears, this is a cover over a soul that has been through much suffering through loss, brain-tampering, and guilt, which manifested as a sort of self-loathing. Described as "the human side" of him, he has an inner sadness, but rather than dwell on it, he wants to focus on the funny sides of life, mostly because he knows other people suffer too, and he doesn't want to be so self-centered as to focus on his own inner conflicts; he has also learned to be his own emotional support pillar since not many others had been there for him in the past, and he pushes away those who try to reach out to him with a smile because he doesn't know how to accept it. Only to those he is very close to and completely trusts, does he confess how he really feels, and when he does that, he really wants help, and his smile goes away.

Despite this "emotional independence," he is a very social person, and likes to stick close to the Midnight Sons, who he considers as his second family. The reasons for this vary; it could be his anxiousness over losing those close to him again, or it could just be a psychological trait among lycanthropes. He is loyal to his squadron, and never hesitates to support his friends and comrades. He generally has extraordinary teamwork with his comrades, and is good with others if he puts his mind to it.

He expresses tire and slight boredom over having to hold back his lycanthropic abilities most of the time (since he doesn't get to use them to their full extent much on regular targets), and gets excited when he encounters an opponent around his power level, as seen when Tora blocked his attack and sent him crashing through a prison the first time they met. Indeed, he seems to enjoy a good fight, and engages in friendly fighting with Tora even currently.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

Nari was born as an illegitimate human child in a poor village called Ivakya, outside of the Capital. His mother was a teen bandit, and his father left due to his drug addiction, so Nari was in the care of his mother only. The two had no home, and they barely managed to survive, his mother holding up the weight of taking care of an infant as well as herself. As he grew up, Nari learned to literally lie, cheat, and steal while his mother was off elsewhere in the village doing the same thing. Of course, Nari was often caught and beaten by those he lied and stole from, and sometimes he came back to his mother empty-handed.

This cycle ended when he was ten; when Danger Beasts attacked his village and his mother made him flee. Left alone in the surrounding forests, he was injured, scared and cold. Wandering the woods searching for his mother, he spots what appears to be a cabin and so, he goes in. No one was there, so he starts looting the place until he was attacked by two creatures, and he blacks out.

Nari wakes in a tent, his wounds tended to and bandaged. He is met with a boy slightly older than he is, named Maleki. Nari at first panicked, being in an environment he did not recognize with no recollection of how he got there, but Maleki manages to calm him down and introduce himself. He guides Nari out of the tent and shows him the rest of the village. As pleasant as it is, and as nice as the people seem, Nari tells Maleki that he needs to find his mother and make sure she's safe, explaining the situation of Danger Beasts attacking their village. Maleki reluctantly agrees, but only if Nari allowed his body to recover, and afterward allowing him to accompany Nari, since the woods were unsafe.

Nari spent about a week in Maleki's village healing, and during that time Maleki has been taking care of his new friend, all the while sharing his passion for the arts; he taught Nari how to write, and the two often exchanged stories. Maleki was a poet himself, and Nari loved to hear his poetry. Their relationship peaked when they made a blood-pact, becoming blood-brothers.

Underground Life Edit

Eventually the time came when Nari and Maleki went out to search for Nari's mother, assuming that if she was still alive, she probably would have found another village. However, the duo were ambushed, with Nari being knocked out. He woke up in a cage, with other children around his age in cages around him, with Maleki nowhere in sight. Men appeared and dragged Nari out and threw him into a larger cage surrounded by gangsters and criminals, cruel people nevertheless. To his horror, Nari registered that he was trapped in an Underground cage match with another child to fight for the spectators' entertainment. Though it seemed Nari was about to get killed because of his total reluctance to fight the other child, what could only be described as a bestial power had awoken in him, temporarily increasing his physical abilities but also his rage, which he turned on his opponent. This allowed him to win, albeit brutally by tearing his challenger almost in half, but he ended up overwhelmed with guilt and traumatized at the fact he took the life of another being, evidenced by the dead body in front of him and the blood on the boy's face, and he was ashamed that he seemed to act like the animal these people were caging.

Unfortunately, Nari was forced to repeat this act for the entertainment of the criminals around him over and over again. As much as he despised it, killing became something Nari was good at, even the adults took note of his feral capability and unusual healing. No one, not even Nari himself was aware of his true nature until he hit pre-adolescence, his lycanthropy coming into effect, and he violently transformed into a bloodthirsty lycanthrope the next full moon. He killed many men until he was finally restrained with illegally-obtained wolfsbane. Realizing usefulness and profit holding a once-considered-to-be extinct race, the men holding Nari ended up selling him, and the lycanthropic boy was transferred back and forth between multiple Underground systems, facing abuse of all kinds. He went from being a child fighter for entertainment to an "attack dog" meant to track down and kill enemies of his captors. He had psychological surgery performed on him multiple times, and whenever he changed into a lycanthrope, his captors would drive him into a frenzied state through the use of visual and audio frequency, and release him to attack those they saw fit.

Nari was on the breaking point, his psyche damaged and his memories repressed. At this point he was thirteen-years old, and he was about to be transferred to another facility to prepare for yet another operation, until a great beast broke into the building and proceeded to kill the men holding Nari. It was another lycanthrope, which almost immediately changed back into human form once it saw Nari. He did not recognize the other lycanthrope and at first resisted and fought, until the other male reached out and grabbed his arm. Memories poured their way back into Nari's mind like a whirlwind, and when he gathered his bearings, he recognized Maleki, his blood-brother.

Once they escaped, Maleki explained that he knew Nari was a lycanthrope because he was the one who saved him years ago; a Danger Beast was stalking Nari as a boy in the woods, and Maleki, jumping in to attack the Danger Beast, accidentally bit Nari in the battle's confusion, thereafter taking the boy to his village to take care of.

Taming the Beast Edit

Maleki takes Nari back to his village, where he reveals that it was a settlement of lycanthropes the entire time. He seeks to help Nari control his transformations, but the boy was traumatized, and was shown to be extremely hesitant given the mental scars from his experiences as a lycanthrope under criminal control; many things in the village triggered his PTSD and made him lose it.

Maleki helped Nari slowly get himself together using many methods of therapy, quite a few of them lycanthrope-based. Time has passed, and Nari had gained control over his horrid memories and the effects of the psychological surgeries, but still had not shown improvement in transforming at will. A few full moons pass, and in beast form he was kept in Maleki's home, usually put in a resting state using a specialized mixture of herbs and wolfsbane, the herbs reducing the wolfsbane's usually toxic effect to what would be a lycanthrope "tranquilizer." Maleki continued to teach Nari how to control his transformations in human form.

Before Maleki went hunting, he had left Nari at the village to practice more, but he had not returned after nightfall like he said he would, so against the rest of the villager's warnings, Nari went out to search for Maleki. He traced Maleki's scent until he finally found his friend; dead, his body pinned against a tree with silver weaponry. Taking in the death of his only friend with sadness, denial, and the rage that burned inside, Nari finally transformed into an incomplete lycanthrope as he screamed out his grief into the night.

Death of Innocence Edit

Nari had brought back the dead body of Maleki back to his village, but did not stay; he felt responsible for Maleki's death by not being there for him, and thus saw himself unworthy to stay at the village. He made a living by hunting animals in the forests and becoming a bandit like his mother in the cities and civilizations he came across, his lycanthropic abilities assisting his thefts, although he was still prone to transforming into a monstrous beast during full moon nights. Occasionally he would be confronted by authorities or other bandits, and when he could not escape, he would kill them and take the loot they had with them, then selling items that were unnecessary to get by with under anonymous identities. His goal was to get into the main city of the Empire, thinking maybe he would get a new, fresh start at the life he missed as he was younger.

Midway through age 14, Nari managed to get into the Capital, passing its walls by sneaking aboard one of its trade ships. He became associated with the mercenary group, the "Death Pool." All the members agreed he was young, and aloof considering his refusal to interact with anyone else and the fact that he vanished once a month, but he got assignments done. However, Nari kept to himself partially because he was hiding his true nature as a lycanthrope from them, and so he was always in human form; during full moon nights, he would go missing completely, to which he would have to explain his absences the next day.

One of the Death Pool members, Réle, gave the effort to get to know the "mysterious new recruit", and while awkward at first, she and Nari formed a close relationship. After an unspecified period of time, the two had started dating; such feelings were foreign and unfamiliar to Nari, and while he didn't know how to respond to her gestures of affection at first, he tried his best to show his own; he would often steal objects for her outside of missions, among other behaviors. In his mind, Réle's image was a comfort in dark times, and though he was among mercenaries, she inspired him to hope that there was humanity in him; goodness. Fueled by this, Nari began to interact more with other members of the Death Pool, and formed unique relationships with many of them-- they became his second family.

However, like most things in Nari's life, this feeling was not permanent, and it was abruptly shut down one fateful night. The Death Pool's highest-paying contract was on the head of Frolla, a man known for torturing or otherwise executing those he deemed unholy in his religious madworld. This was the first Teigu user the Death Pool had faced, and unfortunately, it would become their last as well. While Réle was away severing the links to Frolla's power, the rest of the Death Pool, including Nari, confronted him. In the midst of the conflict, however, Frolla held a bystander hostage, who, to Nari's shock and intense dismay, was recognized to be Arya, Nari's mother. As Frolla was finally stopped, he used the Trump Card of his Tengu to permanently manipulate the minds of the Death Pool and Arya, turning them into martyrs for Frolla's cause; only Nari was immune, given enhanced resistance due to his lycanthrope physiology and previous meditation techniques with Maleki. Now Nari was faced with a nightmarish decision that he could not avoid; he had to kill whom he considered once to be his family. As he slain one member after another, memories flashed of them in his mind, and he began to lose himself. After forcing himself to kill his mother, he finally gave in to his rabid anger, his crushing sadness, and transformed fully into a lycanthrope. At this time, Réle returned to her group, only to find a scene of carnage. Nari, in his berserk state, was unable to distinguish her from his forcibly-brainwashed mother and comrades. It was only when he awakened the next morning covered in blood and finding Réle's body that he realized with horror that he had killed his lover.

A Midnight Son Edit

Nari, stricken with grief and self-hate, tried to end his own life multiple times, though due to his lycanthrope physiology, he failed each attempt. He eventually allowed himself to be captured by authorities, and from there he was placed in a prison, where he was pinned to a wheel with chains and large nails rammed through his limbs, fed very little, and tortured often. Despite this, Nari was not bothered at all by his mistreatment; quite the opposite-- he allowed himself to be arrested so he could do penance for what he had done in the form of pain inflicted upon him by his corrupt captors. He was ready to accept this as his new living situation until he found a significant-enough reason to escape, if he chose to at all.

This sort of "life" went on until he was 16, when reports of someone breaking into the prison raked the place. Guards rushed through the prison halls to confront the invaders, visible through the small window through his cell door, only to be killed. When Nari's cell was forced open, he saw a young man with a cleaver-like weapon. Nari recognized the symbol on his belt and asked if he was a mercenary. The young man confirmed this, and explained that his contract had him kill the warden of the dungeon, although he morally felt the need to free all the prisoners in the process. Nari replied that he was "just fine where he was at." The young man was puzzled, and freed Nari anyway, introducing himself as Tora, leader of the Midnight Sons. Nari was uninterested, and actually beginning to get annoyed, warning Tora to just leave him be. When Tora tried to reach out to him, Nari transformed into his Incomplete Lycanthrope form and tried to chop Tora's neck; however, Tora had blocked the attack to Nari's surprise, and sent the lycanthrope flying through several walls of the prison. This seemed to ignite Nari's passion again, and he expressed his shock and joy towards the mercenary. Tora was also surprised, mostly because he recognized Nari to be a lycanthrope, a race thought to be non-existing. Nari ended up joining the Midnight Sons, and Tora became his best friend.

Sometime after this, it is hinted that Nari has fought Syura, the son of the Prime Minister, in the past when he was bored, and given him the x-shaped scar over his face by splitting it open with a right cross punch, before the other members of Wild Hunt intervened. However, this is not confirmed by other reports.

Equipment and Skills Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Shapeshifting: Nari's main ability; he can change into two wolf-like forms, one of which if he so wills it, skyrocketing his physical capabilities. While he had trouble controlling his transformations when he was younger, he has since weaponized this ability to allow him to shapeshift into an "Incomplete" form, with which he can keep his self-control and intelligence, along with large portions of his personality, while tapping into the superior abilities of a lycanthrope. However, like most other lycanthropes, he has not mastered his shapeshifting to such a degree where he is not affected by the full moon; he will still be painfully forced to transform into his Complete form.

He only accesses transformations when faced against a strong enough opponent, since shapeshfting back into human form would leave Nari sore and barely able to move due to the strain of his body changing back and forth.

Full Moon Power: Nari, once transformed under the full moon into his Complete form, reaches a realm of physical capabilities superior to both his human and Incomplete forms combined, granting him nigh-unrivaled strength and speed for one night each month. In his Complete form, he has been shown to single-handedly tear through an entire army of the Capital in less than an hour, overwhelm and massacre a pair of Tyrants, and dodge Masterbolt: Apollo's shot (This Teigu can shoot charged rounds at sub-relativistic speeds). However, in this state he loses nearly all self-control and acts mostly on instinct, and his comrades know to clear the area when Nari transforms.

Superhuman Strength: Even as a human, Nari has shown above-average strength despite his thin looks. He stated that if he wanted to be free of the dungeon he was kept in, he would have broken out easily. Backing this up, he has been able to physically wrestle an Apeman to the ground and snap its neck (albeit with difficulty) and shotput a heavy-duty cannonball over a 225-meter distance to prevent a target from escaping his comrades. According to Nari, he has squared off against Syura and split his face open with a right cross, leaving that x-shaped scar. In his Incomplete lycanthrope form, which he can summon at will, he is even stronger, proven to be evenly matched with Tora in his Gungnir Teigu time and time again, and killing an unnamed Danger Beast that had previously destroyed a city block.

His primal anatomy also temporarily enhances his strength even further when he experiences extreme emotions or feels extremely threatened; like wolves of nature, he can gain heavy bursts of adrenaline that could, according to Tora, unleash more damage than his normal body is used to, and even after he calms down, it takes a great effort to ride down the last waves of adrenaline.

Superhuman Stamina: Thanks to his wolven physiology, Nari can continue to participate in peak physical activity for a long consecutive period of time without tiring. He is shown to track down targets for the Midnight Sons over rugged terrain without rest for days, fight endlessly charging Danger Beasts non-stop for a week, hold his breath underwater for more than an hour while waiting for an ambush opportunity, and overwhelm exhausted opponents while still at his peak performance.

Superhuman Speed: In human form, Nari can move and react faster than the normal eye can see, and in his Incomplete form, can almost be untouchable. While his strength matches Tora's, he is noticeably faster, and has dodged continuous lightning strike attacks from General Budo in one of the Midnight Sons' old confrontations. He has speed-blitzed the Danger Beast Trio Cerberus, attacking at a pace that the three-headed Danger Beast could not respond to. He has left afterimages from his paces, and has shattered a stone slab thrown at him in less than a microsecond reaction time. Using all four of his limbs like an animal, he can move even quicker, maneuvering off of walls and other objects, covering distance and turning at a faster pace than most can process.

Superhuman Endurance: Nari is generally more resistant to damage than a normal human-- he has taken blows from an Apeman and other Special-Class Danger Beasts, and broken a trained heavyweight boxer's wrist by tensing his muscles while being punched in the torso. In his Incomplete form, he is capable of taking blows from Gungnir-armed Tora without too much discomfort, withstand a powerful electrical current from Budo and get right back up, and can still fight while multiple weapons are stabbed into him, such as arrows and blades.

Superhuman Agility: Nari's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of a human. He is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's despite their physical strength. He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. He can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. He can maneuver himself midair and land back onto his feet if an enemy's attack sends him off of the ground.

Regeneration: Without silver to cause lasting damage to him, Nari can quickly heal from just about any attack in seconds. The full extent of self-repair is unknown; he has been shown to heal from multiple gunshot wounds, broken bones, severe burns over his body, and lost organs. He can indifferently reattach lost limbs and twist his snapped neck back around to its natural state. One of the more extreme cases of regeneration was when the top half of his body was completely blown off by an island-level attack, and within minutes, completely healed back; head, limbs, torso and all. His own natural healing also affords him advanced resistance to poisons, viruses, diseases, and most drugs. However, too much consecutive attacks prove to be challenging to his healing factor, and will take longer to recover the more damage there is.

Animalistic Senses: Nari is the finest tracker of the Midnight Sons, perhaps all mercenaries, bar-none. He possesses superhumanly acute senses that are comparable to some animals; these senses can help him pinpoint the weak spots of his opponents and react accordingly. He can see much farther than a human with more clarity; he can see past the night sky to notice the galaxy and all the stars in it clearly, and he can tell if someone's heart is beating without listening or using contact by visually noting the slightest movement of their skin. He retains this sight even in complete darkness, allowing him to see in the dark without the need of a light source, which can prove advantageous against those who cannot see in the dark. His hearing is so sharp, he can pick up sounds and frequencies normal humans and even some biological Teigu cannot, and sounds they ordinarily could but at much, much greater distances. Within a closed space, he can hear the heartbeat of any living thing dozens of meters away, and can hear the blood flowing through their veins. His finest sense however is smell; he can distinguish up to tens of thousands of different scents, and can follow them for many miles over rough land to reach his target(s). He can tell if someone has been in a certain area, tell the identity and gender, and how recent the area was visited. He can also tell the emotions of someone by picking up pheromones and scents released in the air that others cannot smell. If his target is upwind, he can track it even easier.

Animal Empathy: Nari has the ability to sense the emotional state of animals on a basic level such as fear, anger, happiness or pain. He can even communicate with them to make the animal aware of his actions and or his intent, such as when he found a wildcat in a trap, intending to set it free. Nari himself stated that he has a fondness towards animals.

Teeth and Claws: Though more of a characteristic, Nari's claws are extremely sharp and tough, enabling him to rend through a variety of substances including fabric, wood, stone, and even some metals. His strength also adds to this ability to tear through targets, supplying extra force in his claws, and help him climb or scale. His teeth in particular are strong, and depending on the form, are slightly curved backwards. This ensures that he has a good grip on whatever he bites down on. He has a very powerful bite force combined with this, allowing him to bite through steel of weapons or armor, and crunch through bone.

Infectious Bite: Like all lycanthropes in beast form, Nari can turn humans into other lycanthropes through a bite, or so much the saliva reaching the human bloodstream. However, he realizes the consequences should he bite someone, and he takes extra care to finish the job if he does so, ensuring they do not turn into lycanthropes.

Techniques Edit

Nari is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with multiple victories under his belt. He has spent years in Underground fight clubs as a child, and as a mercenary continued utilizing close-quarters fights. He shows his expertise in grappling, submission arts, and boxing, but is also extremely acrobatic, and uses two styles that complement this: lucha libre and capoeira, which in part help in take down much larger foes. He is an expert at disarming opponents with weapons and utilizing that weaponry against them (this may be classified as part of krav maga.). However despite this, Nari is reckless, and many of his moves leave him wide open for counter-attack due to the confidence he has in his regeneration and self-repair.

Nari has developed his own martial art meant to use his lycanthrope abilities to their fullest. While it doesn't have a name, it is based roughly on the attack pattern of an actual wolf, targeting the legs and limbs of their prey, crippling them before going for the throat. It is highly versatile, and has many tactics, such as ambush, in which case, move straight for the kill. In this martial art, Nari uses all four of his limbs to move and maneuver around quickly like a wolf, while combining other MMA tactics such as low kicks and joint locks. The main objective is to bring his opponent down to the ground, where Nari can dominate the fight and end it. This martial art also allows use of claws and teeth, slashing and disconnecting tendons, and his animalistic senses, detecting any soft or weak points in his opponent and exploiting it. This unique martial art has the advantage of being unpredictable as well; there is no hard counter to it because it has animalistic elements that has not been documented in anti-human combat.

Weaknesses Edit

Nari has an entire wall of weaknesses despite his abilities as a lycanthrope. Most of all, as stated a few times before, his usual fighting style is effective and powerful, yet reckless and allows counter-attack from his opponent. Should this happen, Nari can be caught off-guard or even harmed by:

Silver: A rare metal considered purely meant for killing lycanthropes, silver can severely harm and even kill Nari should it reach any vital organs. Not only is it the only material that can create lasting damage to him, but it also acts as a counter against the his fast healing, slowing it down to almost completely stopping it; this was shown when Nari was recently attacked and severely injured by the same lycanthrope hunters who killed Maleki years ago.

Transformation Toll: After every transformation despite his endurance and stamina, the changes tend to put strain on Nari's body, leaving him sore and tired, and vulnerable to attack if he has not finished his opponent before transforming back into human shape.

Overtaxed Healing Factor: In the event in which Nari is beaten or exposed to severe injury without pause, too much consecutive attacks prove to be challenging to his healing factor, and will take longer to recover the more damage there is. Theoretically, it is possible to "kill" him this way without silver, though he will completely repair himself eventually and get back up.

Wolfsbane: Nari can get sick or physically weakened from being exposed to the poisonous plant through ingestion or scent. In extreme cases, it can cause hallucinations and trick his other senses.

Other Lycanthropes: Injuries from other lycanthropes, especially more powerful ones, do not heal as quickly as normal injury, and repeated attacks from their own kind can kill him. Nari recalls a time in Maleki's village where he witnessed two other lycanthropes brawling, and one individual almost dying, taking months to heal completely.

Heightened Senses Disadvantage: While impressive, since nearly every one of Nari's senses is amplified many times over a human's, that can be exploited. For example, piercing, loud sounds and frequencies can cause Nari pain and even disorient him; he was mind-wiped and tortured using frequencies as an Underground "attack dog", and flash grenades can temporarily blind and stun him worse than the effect on a human. While he was attacked by Budo, the flashes from his lightning strikes almost cost Nari a wrong move.

Price of Full Moon's Power: In exchange for a power boost, Nari forced to uncontrollably go into a berserker state every full moon, causing harm to every living being around and unable to distinguish ally from opponent, hence why the other Midnight Sons keep a clear distance away when Nari is on the battlefield on a full moon. His vision in this bloodlusted state is somewhat narrowed, and concentrated mostly on movement from potential prey.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Nari is a word play on nail, referring to the phrase "tooth and nail". It is also a possibility that Nari alludes to the Norse mythology character of the same name, who was killed by his brother Vali, who had been turned into a wolf.
  • It is hinted that Nari comes from a Romani, or "gypsy" background. A particular eye-catcher about this was that the Romani people were believed to be associated with lycanthropes, or werewolves, in the old superstitious days. This was one of the reasons why these people were wrongly convicted by the Europeans.
  • He is primarily right-handed.
  • Nari and Tora have a history of arm-wrestling matches; neither one can come to agree who won a majority of them.
  • While lycanthropes are primarily carnivorous, Nari enjoys the occasional salad and veggie burger. His favorite food is chicken-fried steak.
  • Despite having a rather restless nature, Nari enjoys writing poetry, drawing, and reading when not doing much else. This trait comes from his time with Maleki.
  • There are hints of the brainwashing from the Underground still in effect.
  • While he usually has qualms with assassins, Nari seems to show a decent level of respect towards members of Night Raid, given that their intentions are for the better. However, this is tense at best.
  • Nari has a great singing voice, but he is too bashful to sing in front of others, and makes many claims to excuse himself from doing so, such as claiming to have vocal problems.
  • Nari almost never sleeps in front of other people; he gets anxious, and if he is part of a group of people, he usually waits until everyone else is sleeping, then finds a spot hard to find for others but nevertheless nearby to rest, such as up in a tree. He is fine with sleeping in the same house with others, as long as he gets his own room.
  • In the epilogue of the final chapter of Akame ga Kill! Mitternacht, Nari is confronted by a blond-haired woman after a short back-and-forth exchange of pick-pocketing each other. This woman is theorized to be Leone of Night Raid, although there are also signs that point toward a different person.
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