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Monolith info.png
Kanji/Kana 入札の闇:モノリス
Rōmaji Nyūsatsu no yami: Monorisu
Full name Tender Darkness: Monolith
◄ Information ►
Type Support
Status Active
Faction Sri Royal Family
User Oscar Sri
Abilities allows the user to add 1000 tons to anything he or she touches.
Trump Card Balancing Boulder
◄ Media Debut ►
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 2

Tender Darkness: Monolith is a Teigu in the form of a boxer's glove that is used by Sri Royal Family member Oscar Sri. It allows the user to double the weight of everything he or she touches.


Monolith allows its user to double the weight of everything he or she touches, decreasing the heaviness proved to be impossible. The ability only lasts for a small period of time, commonly seen less than a minute. After the Teigu had transpired to object reverts to its original weight. The user can also control the timing of the ability, making an object heavier the moment it has been thrown, adding more impact. The Teigu can also affect living creatures, as it has been demonstrated on a person, immobilizing them.

Trump Card[]

Balancing Boulder (バランスボルダー, Baransuborudā): The trump card of Oscar Sri, which allows him to double the weight of a surrounding area which causes massive earthquakes, or near water forms, superb tidal waves. It also immobilizes surrounding people in the area with the exception of Oscar himself.