When man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate. By entrusting his fate in the cards, he clings to a dim hope.


Mikaela, the Nightmare of Amestris
Full name Mikaela
Type Greatsword Teigu
Status Active
Faction The Empire (former)
Night Raid
Revolutionary Army
User Mikaela
Abilities Destructive Strength
Low-tier Omnipotence
Trump Card Soul Devour
Family None

Mikaela, also known as the Nightmare of Amestris, is a major character and protagonist of the story, "Akame ga Kiru: Nightmare." A former general of the Empire, he is considered to be the most terrifying enemy the Empire has ever known, and the only person to have ever seriously injured Budo.

He is the host of the Imperial Arms, Heartless, a sentient weapon that has robbed him of all emotions and feelings, leaving behind a shell of a man who knows only how to kill, and acts logically.

Appearance Edit

Mikaela, despite his age, appears to be in his teens, and has pale white hair, and silver-colored eyes. For unknown reasons, likely the result of his Teigu, he has crack-like veins running up to his eye on the right side of his face. Typically seen wearing a black cape around his body, he's dressed in a sleeveless shirt with dark slacks and bandages wrapped around his wrist. His sword rests on his back, wrapped in bandages in order to conceal it's form.

When Heartless is awakened, or invoked, Mikaela becomes placed in a dark suit of armor, and his right arm becomes monstrous, having only three sharpened claws for fingers, and glowing red eyes.

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Trivia Edit

  • Similar to the King of Oblivion from Akame ga Kiru: Hazard Requiem, Mikaela's appearance is based on Astral Trinity, from Trinity Seven.
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