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Meinu Six (雌犬, literally meaning "Bitch / Female Dog Six") is one of the many non-consensual children of the former sole survivor of Night Raid, Akame. Derogatorily, her and female siblings were given the name "Meinu" (雌犬, literally meaning "Bitch / Female Dog") and the males "Muyō" (無用, literally meaning "Useless") and a number representing the order of their birth, in turn making her the sixth child of Akame.

Raised and psychologically conditioned since birth to bolster only negative personality traits, she has been treated badly most of her life. Alas, Meinu's own conditioning was what lead to her fleeing from The Empire due to a combination of excessive pride and disloyalty. After abandoning The Empire she became a mercenary for hire.

She wields the Shingu, Murayuki.



Having been raised and psychology conditioned since birth to bolster as many negative personality traits as possible, Meinu is a jumble of undesirable and conflicting emotions.


Equipment and Skills[]


During her time at the Empire Meinu along with her siblings were used as test subjects to test brand new Shingu. Upon fleeing from the Empire, she had stolen the Shingu, Murayuki.

Physical Conditioning[]

  • Enhanced Strength:[1]
  • Enhanced Speed:[2]
  • Enhanced Durability:


  • Her measurements are 85-55-87.


  1. Her strength is equivalent to the total kbs of this page divided by five (5) in pounds (lbs).
  2. Her speed is equal to the total kb of this page divided by forty-five (45) in MPS (meters per second).