I used to think I didn't have a heart... but then I remembered my sister. She's the one who reminds me I have one.


"The Phantom"
Vital statistics
Position Revolutionary Army
Night Raid
Jaegers (infiltrated)
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height '5, 4" ft
Weight 94 lbs
Kurokami is a character in the story Akame ga Kill: Hazard Requiem, as well as the secondary protagonist for the majority of the story, second only to Tatsumi. Though kind-hearted and gentle, in complete contrast to his sister, he is not above taking human lives, but only when he has deem them as enemies. He is considered Night Raid's top assassin, operating under the alias, "Phantom."

As described by the author, he is transparent, like his alias describes him to be, and is best represented by his main theme, "Namae No Nai Kaibutsu," performed by EGOIST.

Appearance Edit

Kurokami is a relatively short young boy with light blue hair that reaches down to the collar of his shirt, and possesses icy blue eyes, much like any member of his tribe. He usually dresses in light, loose clothing, preferring a sleeveless shirt with black and red highlights and a black wristband on his right wrist, along with black shorts with red trims. He also wears white and red sneakers.

While operating under his alias, Phantom, he wears a black leather trench coat open to reveal a blue v-neck, along with black pants with a studded belt that hangs lazily off to the side, and a pair of fingerless gloves. He also covers his face with a black face mask that hides the lower half of his face.

His Imperial Arms, while inactive, takes the form of a pocketwatch, which rests inside his pocket.

Personality Edit

At first, Tatsumi views Kurokami as an apathetic, cold, and melancholic person, even perhaps devoid of emotion. However, when formally introduced, he is revealed to be none of that. Kurokami is actually a kind, gentle, and devoted individual who greatly cares for his friends, and those who are considered to be weak by the world. He greatly cares for his comrades, enough so that he genuinely wishes that they live normal lives rather than the lives of assassins. Kurokami is also willing to take on the burden by himself, if need be.

Despite living as an assassin, Kurokami genuinely wishes to not take the lives of others, unless he views them as truly, corrupted individuals. Due to a past trauma, he prefers not to kill, unless necessary.

Above everything else, however, he despises the notion that the strong shall devour the weak, believing that it is the duty of the strong to protect those who lack strength. This often brings him in conflict with Esdeath, but he genuinely loves her, far more so than a mere sibling, as she is the only family he has left. While in Night Raid, Kurokami used to believe that he didn't have a heart, despite knowing that killing was wrong, no matter the reason. However, when he heard Esdeath was alive, he shed tears of joy, recalling that he does indeed possess a heart, and that his sister's presence would always remind him of that.

Kurokami has also been regarded as rather naive, but with a strong sense of morality, which is rare among those in the Revolutionary Army.

History Edit

Apart of the same tribe as Esdeath, and even more than that, he is her younger brother. While Esdeath was regarded as powerful and swift and strength, Kurokami was the opposite. He lacked the same killing edge that the tribe held, and was sickly, therefore it fell to his sister to do his share of the hunting. While he was viewed as weak by his father, the man still cared for him because he was his child. Esdeath, however, in contrast to her father's teachings, believed that Kurokami was truly strong, and that he simply didn't wish to display his own strength. This was due to the fact that Kurokami had an unusual talent of being able to completely erase his presence, which in theory, would make him an excellent hunter, were it not for his poor health. Esdeath was the only person to recognize his presence, however, even when he allowed it to fade in order to ignore the baneful eyes of their tribesman.

At some point in time, however, the tribe came under siege, which wiped out many of their members. To date, only Kurokami and Esdeath are viewed as the only survivors, though the latter is unaware that her brother is alive. Despite being in poor health, Kurokami refused to give into death, and soon began to hunt in order to survive. This experience, in the coming years, would toughen his body, and hone his abilities. Eventually, at the age of fourteen, he reached the Capital, hoping that he would make a new life there.

However, life in the city proved to be dark, as he soon discovered the corruption and horrible conditions. Taking up life in the slums, Kurokami got by via begging and street performances, showcasing his abilities with a knife or a bow and arrow. While this provided him enough income to fend for himself, he saw how polluted the city was, noting it's distorted nature. It was around this time that he saw two imperial soldiers harassing a young woman in an alleyway. Though she tried to resist them, they bound her and began to tear off her clothes. Even when she begged them to stop, the soldiers merely replied that no one would hear her, and even if they did, they wouldn't do anything, as they were the ones who kept them safe, and proceeded to inform the woman that this is the least she could do, as payment for looking after her "miserable" life.

Horrified, and not willing to leave her to a fate like this, Kurokami skillfully killed the soldiers without them even noticing his presence. At first, he was left horrified by the action, staring at their corpses before the woman told him that it was the right thing to do. Left bewildered, Kurokami then noticed that the woman's presence had changed, as well as her appearance. Revealing herself as Chelsea, she informed him that she was tasked to eliminate them, as per her orders, but showed gratitude of Kurokami saving her life.

When he asked who she was, Chelsea stated that she was a member of the Revolutionary Army, and subsequently, a member of Night Raid, an organization made of up assassins who's goal was to eliminate the corruption in the world. Upon seeing his ability and talent, Chelsea offered him a place in their numbers, though Kurokami showed hesitance at the prospect of killing. However, when he recalled the darkness he saw in the world, he accepted, albeit with reluctance, saying that while he does not agree with taking lives, he will walk the path of carnage, if it will create a world where people can live in peace.

That was the beginning of Kurokami's life as a member of Night Raid. Around that time, he learned that his older sister, Esdeath, had become a general of the Empire, referred to as one of the "Strongest Generals." When he learned of her survival, Kurokami shed tears of joy, albeit knowing that they would be on opposite sides.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Master of Hand-to-Hand Combat: Having joined Night Raid, Kurokami has gone under extensive training alongside the other members, notably Leone and Bulat. Two years worth of experience has led him to becoming a master of combat, able to dictate the flow of close quarters combat. Kurokami is able to stand on equal ground with most members of the army, though against powerful combatants like Liver or Budo, he is left outclassed.

Survival Skills: Having been living by hunting, as his tribe had wanted of him, Kurokami has managed to survive through various means. This has allowed him to expertly wield knives and bows.

Stealth: Arguably one of the best skills at his disposal, Kurokami has an uncanny ability to erase his presence all but completely, enough so that even those with honed senses could not detect him. This allows him to infiltrate into places with high security, and can assassinate his targets without them ever realizing that he was within their homes. As a running gag, Kurokami's invisible presence causes him to suddenly appear, often scaring and/or surprising his teammates, despite the fact that he has been with them the whole time.

Equipment Edit

Armor of Requiem: Armatis - A high-tier Imperial Arms that covers the user in armor. While inactive, it takes on the form of a silver pocket watch, which he keeps hidden in his pocket. When activated, the user is enveloped head-to-toe in ebon armor, marked by white highlights and a helmet that hides his face. The armor also creates two, transparent-like tassels that flow the shoulders, almost like a cape. Furthermore, it also grants the user the ability to wield a double-bladed spear. The Imperial Arms was designed alongside Grand Chariot from the data obtained from Incursio, though in contrast to the two, which were best


Armor of Requiem: Armatis

represented by their defensive and physical attributes, Armatis was designed to be wielded by those with immense skill and prowess. It was created from the flesh of the Danger Beast, Chronos.

  • Enhanced Strength: The armor grants Kurokami a great boost of strength, which creates an advantage for him against powerful foes such. The power he is able to exert is so great that he is capable of snapping the neck of even an Earth Dragon Danger Beast without the use of any weapons, only his arms.
  • Enhanced Stamina: In addition to his already excellent stamina, Kurokami's Imperial Arms allows him to fight for prolonged periods of time. According to Najenda, when he first obtained it, he and Bulat trained at a small reclusive mountain that was filled with powerful Danger Beasts, which they were tasked with killing for training. Kurokami was able to fight for three hours straight before becoming exhausted. Now, he can fight for twice the time.
  • Enhanced Durability: Other than his stamina, Kurokami is capable of great defense while the armor is active, and can withstand many a great and powerful blow. Not only was he able to withstand a direct assault from Liver's strongest attack with his Imperial Arms, he was even able to take on Esdeath's own icy assault, though the armor itself sustained damage from the battle as a result, but otherwise defended him against lethal attacks that would have surely ended his life.
  • Regeneration: When damaged, the armor is capable of repairing itself, regrowing any missing pieces of it's form. This also seems to apply to any wounds Kurokami sustains while in battle. So far, it has been able to heal serious injuries, but the extent to how far it's regenerative abilities go is unknown at present.

Quotes Edit

"If there is a twistedness in this world... then I will be the one to erase it." (to himself)

"If you want the truth, Tatsumi-san... I wish none of you would live this life. All of you deserve to life normal, carefree, happy lives... not the lives of killers." (to Tatsumi)

"I'm... I'm so glad... O-Onee-sama... She's alive... she's alive...!" (to himself, after discovering Esdeath's survival)

"I used to think I didn't have a heart... but then I remembered my sister. She's the one who reminds me I have one." (to Tatsumi)

"All the wrongs done in the world are caused by a lack of ability. If there is something that you must curse, let it be the twistedness in this world, Tatsumi-san." (to Tatsumi)

"...alright, then. I will walk this path...this path that leads to carnage." (to Chelsea)

Relationships Edit

Tatsumi Edit

Kurokami is the first person Tatsumi meets when Night Raid assaults the Harvard Manner. At first, he regards him as a heartless killer for trying to kill Aria before learning the truth, but notes that he doesn't have the killing intent that his comrades have. However, when Tatsumi gets to know him better after joining, he sees Kurokami as a kind and caring person, and upon learning that he is reluctant to take lives, wonders why someone as gentle as him was in Night Raid in the first place. The two trust each other greatly, though Tatsumi wishes he would stop showing up like a ghost.

Leone Edit

Having joined Night Raid two years prior to the story, Kurokami and Leone share a cordial, co-worker relationship, though the lioness does express some frustration that, even with her senses enhanced by Lionel, she is unable to sense or smell him, due to his outlandish trait in being able to erase his presence completely, smell and all. She also likes to flirt with him, enjoying the reactions he gives her, though she cares for him greatly, almost like a brother. She was also partly responsible for his combat training in hand-to-hand combat.

Akame Edit

Having joined Night Raid two years prior to the story, Kurokami and Akame share a cordial, co-worker relationship. The two have often been compared by their teammates, both being incredibly silent (though in Kurokami's part, it isn't his fault that others are unable to sense his presence until the last minute) and very deadly. Akame also sees Kurokami as a dear friend, enough so that she trusts him with her own life.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kurokami's name, when translated, reads black god.
  • His appearance is based off of Kuroko Tetsuya, from Kuroko no Basket.
    • In addition, Kurokami shares his uncanny ability to erase his presence, which becomes something of a running gag in the series.
  • His Imperial Arms, Armatis, is based off of the Chromatus from the game, Tales of Xillia 2.
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