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Jiigu (次具, lit. "Next Arms") are mysterious and extremely powerful relics that exist in the time of Tatsumi ga Kill! after Akame Ga Kill!. They, like their counterparts, Teigu (帝具, lit. "Imperial Arms"), are rare and only the strongest of warriors are able to wield them. Some have the appearance of equipment or weapons, while others seem to be living creatures. Tatsumi uses vast knowledge and a form of magic to create them around the world.


The Jigu were created the Tatsumi the Tyrant, to help protect the Empire as nearly all Teigu are either lost or destroyed. Similar to the First Emperor, he gathered many materials and allied with many scientists throughout the world to make strong weapons and defenses. The creation of the Jigu are the result of their efforts. There were 17 Jigu in all, unlike the Teigu, they are have not been destroyed and still active during the story.

Many Jigu were created from the remains of Danger Beasts that had unique powers, imbuing the equipment with special abilities. Many weapon and armor type Jigu were forged from a rare metal called Orichalcum. Jigu are not limited to one ability; some are known to have secret powers that are yet to be discovered, and some have powers that Tatsumi had kept secret.


Unlike the Teigu, JIgu were created by Tatsumi through difficult but in time process. As once again, the weapons forged into Jigu must have a Danger Beast's attributes imbued into it, and the raw materials selection can determine the strength and its capability.

Tatsumi, the spearheaded project head allied with the remaining artisans, engineers, scientist, alchemists and mystics around the world in creating the 17 Jigu and as such, with Tatsumi's knowledge, each weapon was presumably uniquely constructed in its own unique process while even Tatsumi himself commissioned and tasked him and his personal team, the Terminators, with the task of locating and acquiring several rare materials for the weapon's creations. Having successfully had them obtain the hides and corpses of even Ultra, Super, and Special class Danger Beasts and The Rare alchemical super steel, Orichalcum.

During this time, Tatsumi had also successfully procured the services of the famous smiths of the Wakoku Nation, who thus then used their legendary techniques and immense smithing technology and his to create the counterpart of Murasame.

Another team of engineers where then able to supposedly create various Jigu by somehow obtaining and learning the mystics of a now lost nation to manipulate and control senergy; an art they then used to create other Next Imperial Arms.

Tatsumi was stated to have used a type of magic used in the Jigu's construction like the Teigu using the Alchemic Staff of the Last Wizard.

Usage and Limitations

While the Jigu give its users amazing powers, they are not almighty. It is stated that there is no Jigu that can resurrect the dead even in the Teigu category, however that is proven false when Tatsumi's totem is a hidden lost Teigu that can ressurect the dead. Even if a user is strong enough to use a Jigu, it can still reject them, and a user's first impression of it affects their compatibility. The user must be compatible with the Jigu in order to wield it.

Biological Jigu are shown to be capable of regenerating after serious damage, but are not indestructible; if their core is destroyed then so is the Jigu itself. Some Jigu have limitations in its usages. Overusing a Jigu has had a variety of consequences. Certain TJigu begin to fuse with the user if it is overused, slowly transforming the user into the original Danger Beasts.

Like their predecessor several Jigu have a hidden ability (奥の手, oku no te, lit. secret move), often referred to as "Trump Card" or "Ace in the Hole". Tatsumi stated that all Jigu do not have those, that is why he have the Terminators develop such abilities themselves. Usually, such moves are the most powerful, last resort ones.

If two Jigu users engage in a battle, both with killing intent, one of them is certain to die. If multiple users are involved, there is a high probability of only one of them surviving like the Teigu.

An ironclad rule among its users is that every person can wield only one Jigu, since a single Jigu requires a considerable amount of mental and physical strength in order to be controlled. Like Teigu, if one were to use two Jigu at the same time, they would be destroyed by it. However, it is not outside the realm of possibilities to utilize two Jigu at once, should the user be compatible with both Jigu and have the physical strength to withstand the burden.

Outstandingly, Tatsumi has been the only one that has ever been able to use three Jigus at once alongside two Teigus. With this, despite the minimal time spent using two Teigu with three Jigu, Tatsumi should've been dead a long time ago, suffereing severe damage to his body. It was only thanks to the Tyrant's abiities he regenerated his dying wounds.

However despite the limitation of a single user not being able to use two or more Jeigu's at the same time, it has been shown that it is possible to be able to own and be compatible with more than one Teigu. It is indeed possible to use more than one Jeigu, the user however is limited to only being able to use one at a time rather than simultaneously.

Another limitation a Jigu has is that it can also be self-destructed, either through detonation or overuse.

Known Jigu

Out of the original seven-teen Jigu created by Tatsumi the Tyrant, only -- have been shown so far, out of which fifteen have been destroyed, while -- are currently missing.

Jigu Factions Owners Status
Current Former Current Former
Abolish of Whiteness: Sonne N/A Jigu Empire N/A Marad Finner Destroyed
Absolute Allay Secretion: Mediziner Jigu Empire
Angel Armor: Vincens Teigu Empire

Penumbra Ordo (formerly Terminators)

Jigu Empire Fused with current user
Ascend of Lambent: Azor Teigu Empire

Penumbra Ordo (formerly Terminators)

Jigu Empire Sifyr Karife Active
Blaze of Efreet: Chama Jigu Empire
Chaos Bringer: Nagusame Teigu Empire

Penumbra Ordo (formerly Terminators)

Jigu Empire Tatsumi Active
Embers' Underworld: Incendio Jigu Empire
Great Booster: Zola Jigu Empire
Hope of King: Excalibur Jigu Empire Active
Iron Champion: Gaunte Jigu Empire
One's Divide: Klon Teigu Empire Jigu Empire Unused
Revamping Beasts Book: Rōrahi Teigu Empire

Penumbra Ordo (formerly Terminators)

Jigu Empire Tatsumi

Kimyona Chi

Shallowed Green: Loon Teigu Empire

Penumbra Ordo (formerly Terminators)

Jigu Empire Active
Ultimate Danger Possibility: Amsugno Teigu Empire

Penumbra Ordo (formerly Terminators)

Jigu Empire Kimyona Chi Fused with current user

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