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Kanji/Kana コズミック破壊:ブリック
Rōmaji Kozumikku hakai: Burikku
Full name Cosmic Destruction: Blick
◄ Information ►
Type Offensive
Status Active
Faction The Revolutionary Army
Abilities allows the user to burn anything the Teigu sees.
Trump Card
◄ Media Debut ►
Manga Chapter 10
Anime Episode 7

Cosmic Destruction: Blick is Teigu in the form of a detachable headdress with an eye shape that sticks to the user's forehead. It is currently kept by The Revolutionary Army.


Blick was a Teigu that enabled the user to disintegrate any non/living object in-line with the Teigu's field of vision. The ability, however must first charge to a minimum of three seconds for the Teigu to work.

Also, the Teigu also enables the user to gain additional field of vision. The eye shape symbol can move around the user's forehead, this means the individual has the ability to see in all directions.