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Kanji/Kana 竜咆哮 アポプス
Rōmaji Ryū hōkō: Apopusu
Full name Dragon's Roar: Apophis
◄ Information ►
Type Tsumigu (Elemental, Offensive)
Status Active
Faction Revolutionaries Sovereign
User Ichijou
Abilities allows the user to conjure black flames.
Trump Card Origin Eater
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The Dragon's Roar: Apophis, is a Elemental-type Tsumigu (Second-Generation Teigu) with the ability to allow the user to conjure and manipulate black-colored flames. It is currently in possession of Ichijou of the Revolutionaries Sovereign.


The Elemental-type Apophis, was one of the first Tsumigu created by using the flesh and essence of the Super-Class Danger Beast Apep, similar to the first-generation Teigu Incursio and Tyrant. However, similar to Incursio, Apep's strength and power was so strong that it's flesh is still alive, but unlike Tyrant, Apep exists as a intelligent force that also exists as an dark thought within it's user's mind.


As it's origins as the King of the Flame Kagutsuchis Apep, Apophis has the ability to conjure/generate and manipulate black-colored flames. Despite Apophis' great flame power, the flames can leave permanent burns and damage to the user if used for to long.


  • Dragon Lance (龍槍, ryūsō): The user manipulates the flames into the form of an spear, that the user can hand to his/her allies and use against enemies.
  • Black Sun (黒日, Kurobi):
  • Lighter Sun:
  • Rebirth of the Flame Kin:

Trump Card[]

Origin Eater (原点イーター, Genten ītā), is the Trump Card of Apophis, which allows the user to create/conjure a giant black-colored eastern dragon made entirely of black flames. After the summoning of the Dragon, it follows the commands of the user and can breath flames, but if the user sacrifices some of their blood they can generate an consciousness into the dragon, so it possesses independent thought but still followers it's user's wishes.



  • The infobox image used is taken from the Naruto series.
  • In Egyptian Mythology, Apep (or Apophis) is the Personification of Chaos, and the nemesis of Ra the Sun God.